Pop server but three email addresses, is this one eM Client account or three?

I’m new to eM Client and using the free version. I use one pop server but three email addresses, is this one eM Client account or three?  BWT, my first impression of eM Client is very good - former Thunderbird user.

An account is usually setup for single e-mail account and it’s services, so if you’re using three email account you will most likely add each separately to see their all subfolder trees, you can do that in Tools > Accounts > New account by simply using the automatic setup.

That will eventually leave you with three setup accounts. 

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Does this imply I can’t use the free version, because I have three email addresses on one pop server?   

If you’d like to use more than two accounts with eM Client you would require a valid PRO license, yes.


I was thinking that two accounts meant you could use eMclient on 2 computers and add as many email addresses as you wished on each one.

Hello Josephine, we differentiate between Free and PRO users, find out more about the two license options here: http://www.emclient.com/pro-vs-free