POP connection

Under ACCOUNTS I have a tab for iMAP but nothing for POP.  How do I get a POP tab to set up a POP account?
The problem is that under iMAP when I delete an email it is also deleted from my email providers server (Sky).  In a previous life under POP the deleted email would remain on the Sky server so could be recovered at a later date if required.

Suggest you visit your email provider’s web site to see what are the proper settings for POP email, if they offer that option. For example:


Hello Nick,
sounds like your server’s default mail protocol is IMAP, so when you set up your account automatically, it is set up as such.
To set up your account as POP, find the server settings (from the link IsoQuantic provided above, perhaps) and then in eM Client go to Tools>Accounts and under New Account choose the Mail>Other option.
Here you can manually connect to your account using POP protocol.
If you want to keep a copy on the server make sure that you set this up in the POP tab of the Tools>Accounts window, as standard behaviour of POP protocol is to remove the message from the server.