Poor performance: em Client is way too slow

Re: Windows 10; Imap email
The program seemed to work ok for many months so I spent a lot of time customizing a theme to my liking. I then added several search folders, for example looking at all unread emails in the last month. 

As I try to process my emails, the program can take 10-15 seconds to delete an email. Sometimes it will respond quickly then freeze, so as I’m quickly glancing at content in the view pane and deleting, it will get out of sync with me. That means it deletes quickly then freezes/pauses/takes a long time, so I think it missed my “delete” selection and hit it again then it suddenly deletes two or three items. It’s just a mess.

Furthermore if I shut down the computer, when I restart, emClient will claim it has to check its database which takes an annoyingly long time - and it never finds a problem. The program obviously cannot process a Windows shutdown well. No email client should be this ineffective.

Is there a plan to improve the program or should I look for another?

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If you are using a relatively recent 7.2 version of the program, shutdown should not be an issue.  Also, there is no reason it should be so slow.  A couple of things to try:

1.  Disable your anti-virus software to see if it solves the speed and shutdown issue.  It could be the AV software is holding the database open when you shut down or close the client.

2.  Try a database repair.  Highlight the inbox for your account (not in the smart folder), right-click and select the repair tab and then select repair.  note-- if gmail highlight the All Mail folder.

If neither of these work, we may need to delete the accounts and recreated them.

Disabling the AV then restarting emClient didn’t seem to make an difference. I haven’t tried doing it and restarting the computer.
Repair didn’t seem to effect speed. The speed of deleting items seems to be slowest when using a search folder that assembles items from all folders and after a certain date. I wonder if emClient is rescanning after every delete because just deleting one item always brings up a message saying this might take awhile.

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