Poor English

This has nothing to do with the functionality of eM Client but is irritating and looks bad for the professionalism of the product.

In the editor text alignment drop down box you have:

Justify Left
Justify Center
Justify Right
Justify Both Sides

I refer you to the Oxford and Merriam-Webster dictionaries and various articles on type setting terminology on the Internet.

To justify text means to align the text with both the left and right margins. You cannot justify left, center and right. That becomes a nonsense and to “Justify Both Sides” is a tautology.

I suggest in the next version of eM Client you make it more consistent with other editors. i.e.

Left Align
Right Align

Thanks and I do like the program.


thank you for your feedback - we will fix it as soon as possible.

it is now fixed and it will be available with of the upcoming updates.
Thank you for reporting.

That’s great I look forward to the next update.


George and Michael I have applied the last two updates of eM Client the latest being 4.0.15010.0 but the above fixes have not been applied.


it is true that this fix wasn’t incorporated to the last update. There were some technical reasons for that. It will be fixed with future releases. We are sorry for inconvenience.