Please offer a third licence option

I undestand the limitation of only 2 accounts on the free version but to go from 2 to unlimited is cruel! I am 70 years old on a fixed income and to find $80 for 2 licences is impossible. It seems unfair I have to pay the same as a commercial user with unlimited resources.

So how about another option up to 10 accounts?


I am sorry but eM Client is fully commercial product, we can’t give away free pro licenses because then we would be unable to provide new versions, new features or repair bugs and issues.
If you can’t pay then you can still use free license without need to pay anything, if you need to use more than 2 account then you will need to buy pro license.

but with that you receive not only unlimited number of accounts, but paid support and possibility to use eM Client for business purposes also.


A great pity you didn’t understand my question, did you read it all?

Unfortunately that is the norm these days!

I understand you are a commercial company that is why I said I would pay for a 10 licence!

A poor response to a genuine concern, makes me reluctant to consider paying for your product, to receive this standard of support!


I am sorry, maybe I have really did not understood your original question well, but still we have no plans to change our pricing or/and licensing system.

with best regards

Chris - use the free version and have your email accounts all forwarded to one - I use GMX for this