Please make these two nice improvements

Hi, I would like to suggest two nice improvements that I noticed in another mail software :

  1. HotKey to create a new email from anywhere - even if I am working in another software (e.g. Autocad) , I just press Crtl+Alt+SpaceBar and I can start typing a new email 

2)Fast reply: If I am reading an email , instead of I press Crtl+R to reply and all the email/conversation gets opened, we would only have a new field/box for I type a short message like " Ok, I will send it to you later,bye  "  and then press “Send”.

Thank you em Client ! Your program is amazing!


Hello Marcelo,
thank you for sharing your ideas on the forum where our developers can consider it for future improvements.


Hi Marcelo,

You can also have a look at AutoHotKey (AHK) for making your own hot keys:

Hi Hans

Thank you for contacting me : ) 

I have AHK installed here… but do you have this script done? ( or a similar one?)


Hi Marcelo,

I have a text file made with an .AHK extension.

In that file I have the following lines:

; for caps lock key

  Run, mailto://

So, when I press the [Caps Lock] key, I get a new e-mail.

I’ve saved a shortcut to this file in

C:\Users\Hans\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start menu\Programs\Startup

so every time I start my computer, this file gets loaded.

thank you ! Now let’s wait for the “fast reply” option perhaps… ; )

The “fast reply” option is asked for a long time - old customers hoped that v.7 would add this. Maybe if some more people ask for it we will get it one day…