Please make it possible to download attachments but not external images


I just started using eM Client and I noticed that the option to download attachments and images is combined. This is, unfortunately, very problematic. Downloading external images makes the origins (e.g. past spammers) be notified that the email was viewed, which seems like an unnecessary repercussion for merely desiring to keep a local copy of all emails. I think the option should exist to merely download the contents of messages, and nothing more or less than what is inside the raw message.

Thank you!

That option is there.

Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy and check you have the first option selected.

This will not load ANY external content unless you have whitelisted the sender.

Thank you for the reply! It’s unclear to me that that setting overrules the one you see below. I interpreted it to mean that it would not apply, because it seemed to refer to the  direct _viewing_ of email while online, not merely the background/offline download of email for later viewing. If it indeed does apply to this case as well, then perhaps it would be great to explain that in the text here? Thank you!

I am not a regular IMAP user so have not used this setting. However, my understanding is that this is not related to external content, but embedded content in the email.

Can someone clarify this?


I am a user but I use IMAP and I have both Download and Include checked off…and I have Gary’s suggestion Block unsafe… checked off.  When I receive emails that require images to be downloaded I am given the option “Download Pictures or Always download pictures from this sender” Both are hyperlinks that will either allow the images to be downloaded once, or, downloaded automatically every time an email is received from that sender.  I find this useful not only for spammers but also for flyer subscriptions where I may not be interested in the particular sale…so I always use the singular Download Images option for companies that I subscribe to their flyers.  I don’t think I have ever selected the Always option for any sender.  Hope this helps.


You know what, you’re right! I just verified this using; turning on the “Include attachments and images” indeed does not download external images, so there is no problem.
Thanks everyone for chiming  in! :slight_smile:

Good to know. Thank you for verifying that.

I have recently discovered that when you reply to or forward a message that has blocked content, the privacy settings no longer apply and all external content is loaded. So be careful that you don’t accidentally click one of those options.

Thanks for pointing this out, this is great to know!