Please indent rather than replace selected text when pressing "tab"

Currently, when text is selected, pressing “tab” will replace the text with a tab. While this may have been intuitive at one point, it’s now much more common to actually indent the selected text, as most apps do nowadays. Would love to have this in eM Client.

Using it every day and loving it.

Thank you.

I think the current behavior is pretty standard. This is how word works. Whenever text is selected, the next keystroke replaces the text.

Actually, the behaviour is a little more nuanced than that. If you select a line starting at the beginning, it will indent.  If you select a part of a line, it will replace. I’m trying to make sure my original post states this more clearly…

Ahhh, I see. You are correct.

Seems like once someone replies, the original can’t be edited. Understandable… but that means I can’t fix the thread intro.

Hello J,
thank you for sharing your idea on the forum where our developers can consider it.