Please identify yourself in the Update Notices

It’s not just eM Client that does this, so you’re not alone, but when you show a popup saying that an update is available, please, somewhere, anywhere, let the user know that it’s an eM Client update.  I got one a few minutes ago and had no idea which app the update was for.  I finally searched the update number and saw it was you.  It can’t be that hard to stick your name in the popup.

eM Client’s update usually pops up when eM Client is open and the notification should be in the same desgin as our application… or do you get different pop up? If so, it would be helpful if you took a screenshot of it.


Thank you for such a quick reply.   The eM client is open 24/7, as are some other apps.  The next time it pops up I’ll definitely do a screenshot.  The ‘design’ is your basic black text on a white background.  Nothing in there to even suggest which app it is.  Maybe some seasoned users would be able to identify it as one from eM Client.