Please fix this

I need column “To” in message list! Cannot understand how you omit it. Also “Apply to all folders” will be good feature - now I have to modify columns for each folder. The last thing is to show Menu in main window (optionally) - some people still use 4:3 displays.

Right-click on the column header and choose Columns Configuration. Then add the To column.

When you have the columns the way you want them, right-click on the column header again and choose Apply Column Configuration to Other Folders.

Don’t understand your third request about main window (optionally). Can you explain a little more what that is?

OK about “Apply column config to other folders”. But in Column Configuration there is no “TO” field - I cannot show From and To email addresses. The 3rd note about menu is to see “File”, “Edit”, “View”, etc. menus on menu bar and not only MENU and the same as submenus.

I found “To” field in Sent folder but it is strange why not exist for Inbox. Also I see “To: me” and not the exact name/email.

Ah yes, you have conversation mode on, so that option is not there. Because all the recipients of the entire thread are listed, both To and From are superfluous having been combined in one line, except where the message is not part of a conversation. You can turn that off in Menu > View > Conversations. Then by default it will display only the sender, or you can add the To column as desired. You will have to disable the compact layout to display both To and From. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read > Message List.

The menu was expanded across the top in version 6. I assume that because these are maybe not every day items, that they were banished to a discrete expandable icon in the revised interface of version 7. Is there some issue with a 4:3 ratio that is affecting the way the menu is displayed?

I don’t get this “To:me” being displayed. There is nothing that I changed in settings, but I always get what was in the email header. If the name is missing in the header, then it displays the address only, otherwise it displays only the name.

With Conversation mode off, “To: me” is not displayed. About 4:3 ratio - I mentioned it because on such display there is much space vertically and no need to save space with hidden menu bar (I think this is the logic in Firefox and other software where menu bar and title bar are removed to have more pixels for web page).