Please fix the "database needs to be checked" - Nonsense finally

I never kill the eM-Client-Application via Task-Manager or any other brutal method but still see the “Database needs to be checked”-Notification every now and then.

WHY !?

I expect the application to properly recognize the “shutdown” or “closing application” - Signal from Windows and stop/finish all Database operation AND block the Shutdown-/Restart-Process until the DB-operation is finished.
For whatever reason, this does not work properly.

(Windows 8.1 Pro (64), german, all Updates, eM-Client 8.2.1237 (b402cf3) - paid Version)

Thanks in advance!

I have hundreds of clients using eM Client, and none of them experience this issue. I see you on an older Windows and eM Client though, so maby consider upgrading those.

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“Database needs to be checked”-Notification every now and then

If you are using recent released versions of of eM Client and still getting database checking errors sometimes randomly on startup, it’s generally due to a few reasons.

Either eM Client hasn’t had enough time to close the database on exiting the program before you shutdown Windows. So give it at least eg: 5 secs before shutting down.

Or if you have eM Client setting “Close to tray” option and then shutdown Windows that will cause this error alot as it’s still open. So if you use close to tray option, shutdown Windows in “Sleep” mode (and don’t use the normal shutdown) which I find then avoids database check errors.

Or you actually might have a partially corrupted database and randomly giving you the error check on startup anyway. So to test that, make a backup of eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then once backed up remove and re-add your account to test with a new database.

Or you may have a background program running possibly be interfering with eM Client shutting down correctly. To test that, disable all background tasks on startup and reboot and then see if you get the database checking errors. If you don’t, then enable the background tasks one at a time till you find which ones casing the issue.

Lastly I would also agree with @EjayHill1977 to look at upgrading to later Windows 10. Windows 8 had alot of issues anyway & best to update to a later Windows too for security reasons.

At app startup, the database check is triggered by the presence of file


in the top level of the database directory. When you close the app, it takes a few seconds for this file to be removed. As @cyberzork mentions, you might need to get into the habit of explicitly closing the EMC app and waiting a bit before shutting down Windows.

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could make a startup routine that deletes check_db.txt (if it’s there) before firing up EMC. Not saying it’s a good idea; just throwing out possibilities.

Thanks for all your replies.

  • I will stay at Windows “we spy less on you”-8.1 until MS ends support for it. Esp. since all other applications work fine on it. (and there are no ugly "feature-upgrade-surprises)
  • I never force-quit the application - therefore I expect it to receive and properly process the “shutdown”-signal from the Operating-System (by blocking the shutdown-process until all DB-operations are complete)
  • I use eM Client since Version 6.x. Those “DB-check”- issues started several months ago and it occurs only every now and then.
  • No, I will not change my workstyle to please the software. #usability: software/technology adapts to the user - not the other way around.
  • There seems to be a general issue: automatic backups fail showing an error-message (already contacted support). but triggering the backup manually runs without any errors. ?

Windows 8.1 reached the end of Mainstream Support on January 9, 2018, and its only extended support left on that for not too much longer. Strange that you would want to stick to such an old Windows.