Please allow rules to set tags/categories, and please implement IMAP tags


I’d like a rule to be able to set/clear categories/tags. Currently that’s not available. This is a very useful feature for grouping or searching email later on.

Also, please implement IMAP tags, i.e. storing the categories/tags on the IMAP server so that we can sync categories among different machines running eM client. Note that this is supported by the IMAP standard: It’s an optional feature so the server does not have to implement it, but most IMAP servers do … and

Thunderbird is already storing IMAP server tags and can sync them among Thunderbird clients. I’m trying to evaluate if I can switch to eM Client, and this is one feature that is missing.


Hello Alex,
thank you for your feedback.

We currently support Category synchronization for IceWarp servers and Google labels.
The link you provided is really not for Category synchronization but for system flags - indicating if the message is read, unread, if it’s a draft or deleted message, etc. which we already support, of course.
There is no one way to synchronize categories at this time and many IMAP servers don’t even add or keep some of the system flags (ex. Google removing the \Draft flag from saved drafts when edited in webmail).

So this feature is currently not planned, though our developers might reconsider and see which other mail servers we could adapt to concerning Categories in the future.