Please all of a sudden multiple reactivation messages

I have read some of the similar question answers. But why, all of a sudden after many months of using the free for a home am I getting reactivation requests seems every few days. What happened to change this. I had a license for the 2 home computers. You need one for each? How did I sign up? A separate one for each? Why does this have to be a problem now all of a sudden. What happened. The image is similar to ones posted I’m sure. It’s a message that has Reactivate at the bottom and then when you click it days Dactivate and Close.

I see I have asked this before months ago. I see the various explanations but none answer why this issue comes up now after months of use. I must have started the 2 home computers with different emails else I would not have been granted use on each of them these many months. I don’t know why now the answers from them that know become, You can only run 1 pc on 1 email. That can’t be the issue if both pc’s have been running for months just fine. I am a senior on a veterans pension and I have to use all the gratis programs I can or I’m in the bread line (food stamps) and I don’t want that. Dones the program on each pc tell what email address I’m under if in fact I did use them with the same email address?  Never mind this. I’ll figure something myself. Let the young yups pay for things. They make 4 times what I ever did anyway.  :-/

Hello, if you’re using a Free license you can use the license on one computer only, as the free license only allows to activate one computer, however you can deactivate and reactivate on another computer. If you’re having issues with the activation while using the latest release, 6.0.23181.0 , can you please navigate to Help > About and use Ctrl+U and Ctrl+H to view your Update URL and HWGUID, copy both of these information and submit it to my work mail, [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic and your license details?

Thank you,