Please add "To" field to the list of columns available.

If catchall messages are received, it is very useful to be able to see the To address as a column rather than have to spend time inspecting the messages.  This allows a quick decision on whether to delete the message or not.  Could the To field please be added to the list of columns available for displaying? 

That is already available.

Choose Menu > View > Columns and the select what you need.

I am afraid I do not see the To column on my installation, hence my post.  I am running the latest Free version of eM Client.  Does this make a difference?

Grab the right-hand edge of the message list section and drag it to the right, thus increasing the width of that section. This will change the view so that you see all the columns selected.

As you can see, the To column is not available and does not show in my message list.

See what you mean. That is also not the only one missing!

This is for your Inbox, right?

Yes, for my Inbox.  I have checked other folders and they have different options.  The Inbox has the least to choose from and only Sent has the To column.  It would be better if the selection was the same and complete for all folders.

All my folders have the same options - Exchange, IMAP and POP accounts on different servers.

Maybe somebody else can comment on this.

I have installed on another PC and the column options are the same - missing To field.  Can this be associated with the eM Client version?  I have the latest version, 7.1.30794.0

No, I have the same version.

Did you restore from your current to your new installation?

No, it was a clean installation on Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.15063 Build 15063

Deleted my reply as I discovered the problem.

This problem only exists when selecting Show conversations in all views. Choosing to show conversations in message detail only, or turning it off, shows the other column choices.

Yes, checked that and it works for me too.  Well done for finding that :slight_smile:

One thing I really miss in the Columns available that I used all the time in Outlook is a column that show the size of each email. It would be good to have this column header available!