Please add time zone dropdowns with calendar start/end dates

I would like to be able to specify time zones with alarm start and end dates. In Outlook I can do this. If I click the “Time Zones” button, Outlook adds two dropdown boxes next to event start and end times. These dropdowns contain all time zones Outlook knows about. The current time zone is pre-selected.

This would be a very handy feature for people travelling across time zones.

i support this idea as well, typically timezones will allow us to key in exact departure and arrival times with respect to their time zones…

Also, we can fix direct appointments across different timezones without the hassle of calculating them…

Agreed. Time zone handling in a calendar is indispensable these days.

Come on emClient, you do so many things well. This should be one of them.


Agreed making meeting or flight detail entries becomes an issue… especially if you are in jetlag. :slight_smile:

Any timeline to this?


timezones in Calendar should be our in 6th version which should be release in few weeks (mid to late autumn).


That will be terrific!

yes it will :slight_smile:

best regards

Timezones are implemented now when creating new events/appointments.

John, can someone of eM Client update the status of this idea from ‘planned’ to ‘implemented’?

It should be possible to filter ideas in this forum on the status…implemented ideas are normally not so interesting to see anymore.

I am usually doing that only for newer posts or if anyone bumps it. Any user now can find timezones easily under calendar so that is why this topic has not been bumped.


I noticed a display problem with the time zone feature. Using google calendar, if I create an event using the web calendar (or my iPad or phone), when I display that event in eM, the time displays correctly in the month view, but if I open the event details, the time zone box is displayed with the “UTC” time zone selected rather than my default UTC-7 zone.

This is issue report, not idea so I have created separate thread for it.

Jan Please reference the new topic here: Problem with (utc -7) Timezone from webcal to eM Client

Yes, I agree. I was afraid it might get lost in this suggestion thread. Thanks.

you are welcome :slight_smile: