Please add "mark as read" button to mail notification

same as:

really need it.

Ideas are considered by interest shown by other users, either by commenting or voting. So creating another new idea post for the same thing will just split the votes. Rather it would have been more useful to add your comment and vote to the first one you quoted above.

And how exactly do we vote for that?

Since it has passed 7 years already since the first post and still nothing…
I’ve just created this account to complain about this.

When the forum was previously hosted on another server, there was an option to vote.

But we don’t have that option here. You can create a new topic, and make sure you have chosen Feature Request. That way it will be noticed for what it is.

Or you can add your support by a positive comment on an already started Feature Request topic.

Okay, I did that.

Thank you for your help.

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Do you want the “Mark as read” checkbox in the notification in the eg: Windows Tray over the EMC icon like when minimized ? Or do you want it in a Popup within eM Client itself ?. Or in both places.

Can you do a screenshot of where you click the “Mark as read” in the Outlook notification box as an example for the Devs.

On the pop-up notification. Maybe adding a button for “Mark as read” or replacing the flag button or giving the user the options for what each of the 3 buttons do.
As long as it’s available in the pop-up notification, I’ll be content.


Ok I would personally leave the “Flag” option there (as that is very handy to have), and maybe as you said, just add a shortened word “Read” check box (next to the flag) notification.



Looks good to me! :smile:

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