Please add an option to retrieve emails serial instead of parallel

I am having the problem that EM Client (with more than 1 email account) is retrieving emails from all servers in parallel instead serial.

It tries to connect to all servers at once instead to retrieve emails from each server one by one. This leads to big problems for me because I am using a local POP3-Proxy which filters for SPAM (Spamihilator), but this Proxy does only allow one connection at a time. But EM Client tries to retrieve all of my email accounts at once, swamping the local POP3-Proxy with requests, while that proxy can only proccess one connection at a time. Hence the retrieving of emails fails most of the time.

Can you please add an option into EM Client to “retrieve emails in serial from each server” in the settings dialog? That would be great as EM Client is currently unusable for me with this problem. 

Please note that with Windows Live Mail or Outlook the POP3-Proxy works just fine, because both these applications retrieve emails from each server in serial instead of parrallel. So it clearly comes down to EM Client not doing that and hence killing my POP3-Proxy.

Thanks in advance.