Play a sound action for rules.

It would be nice if there were more actions added to rules such as Play a sound. This would allow specific senders to have unique notification sounds.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, this is currently not a planned feature.
But maybe in future releases.

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I hope this request gets raised again in your planning. I find it extremely useful to hear a sound when a particular urgent email arrives when I am away from my desk. I miss this rule after moving over from Outlook.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll keep that in mind.

We appreciate your input, in the meantime if you have any questions or issues, make sure to let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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I come back to this topic to know about your decision?
I really think “Play a sound by a rule” whould be very very useful.

Thank you.

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I was looking for a mail-system instead of the one I am using now. And EmClient looked like a nice contender but since there are no rules that lets you add a specific sound to a folder/e-mail I’ve settled for another mailer which offers this (most mailer do, it might be important for people with more than one account).



em Client does allow you to configure different notifications per account, and that includes different sounds for each account.

I would be interested in which email client you have chosen, because I have not seen the option for different notifications per email or per folder. It certainly is not there in the other email clients I use regularly (Thunderbird and Evolution).

I am not speaking about a specific sound for an account,  but for a folder or an e-mail address.

I’ve seen many mailers with that option. They generally include it in the filter system “Play a sound”. 

I’ve used The Bat! for several years, and you can do that.

I am now on Thunderbird and you just need a plug in that does exactly that also. This plug-in existed back in the early 2000 and still works fine today. I’m using it currently since I’ve  chosen to go over to Thunderbird. The add-on is called “Mailbox Alert”, if you are a current Thunderbird user I guess you are familiar with add-ons.

When I was using Outlook 365, until last week, I could do that to (you just had to include it in the filter).

I had it too with the mailer I used on Linux before I went Mac (I’m now on Windows, though), not sure of the name, I believe it was KMail, but then I went Thunderbird which had it.

That’s from the one I have used the last 25 years. I saw that too on some mailers I tried lately since Outlook became too slow for my need but I didn’t note the names since they didn’t interest me for a reason or another.

Yeah add-ons are one thing, but the application itself does not support that. I use Thunderbird nightly, and most add-ons are not yet supported. By the time they reach that version, the nightly is on another.

Anyway, glad you have found something that works for you.

Add-ons will catch up and this one works, actually. So I don’t see what this has to do with it. 

You asked me what mailer played a sound for a folder and I answered: at least The Bat! (native), Outlook 365 (native), Thunderbird (add-on).

Whatever you think is good or bad about add-ons in Thunderbird has nothing to do with it.

And maybe, just maybe, since there have been add ons doing that (sound) the last 20 years, and several mailers proposing it (native), that just might mean there is a need… A need that eM Client doesn’t want to implement.

I wrote about why I didn’t choose eM Client, and that was the reason. How many other did just uninstalled the trial version and just went to something else… Nobody knows. I thought that could be an  input and wasn’t up to a discussion about Thunderbird.

Anyway. Have a nice day/evening.


P.S.: My wife tried it too and just told me that eM Client can’t quote and just top-post… If that’s true, that would have been a reason too for me to chose something else.

So this is not a discussion about Thunderbird, but what you perceive as shortcomings in eM Client and how it is not implementing features that are so popular elsewhere. There are 65 million installations of Thunderbird in use according to recent market share research. This add-on you claim is in such need is installed on about 0.0002% of those computers. I call that a niche add-on that is not in general use.

But I think that what eM Client is NOT trying to do is clone every other email client and every feature ever considered. It is instead offering a modern approach to messaging that some others are now also following, including top posting. 

PS. eM Client does quote the original message when replying, unless you changed the default setting.

Okay, this answer, and then I’ll stop because this is getting nowhere:

As I told you, I don’t care of what you think about Thunderbird because this is NOT the discussion.

I mean, two hours ago, you didn’t even know of this add on and now you’re posing as an expert on this? Two hours ago you didn’t know The Bat! had it (native) since the start (1998). You didn’t know Outlook had it (native) and have had it since the 90’s and now you’re telling “this is a niche”?

What are your statistics? How do you know how many use it or not?

You are writing that “sound is a niche” because of the use of one add on of  one  mailer without knowing how many use it on other mailers or not is frankly totally stupid and really not serious.

For your  information, top posting isn’t a “modern approach”, it is a non-standard approach. It started as early as 1997 when Microsoft couldn’t find out of how to make proper quotations (bottom posting WAS standard back then). So unless you think something started at the dawn of the net is “modern” then we don’t have the same perception of that word.

By the way, I don’t recall my wife changed any default settings as she just tried it for a short time, but anyway…

I don’t think that by keeping on babling on Thunderbird add-on vs. EmClient  (and keeping ignoring that I actually – several times – named other clients) is helping them getting more customers… Quite the contrary.

And frankly, especially now, I really don’t care whether they implement it or not.

I’ll let you have the last word as I believe it is important to you.

Have a nice day/evening.


“What are your statistics? How do you know how many use it or not?”

This is published on the add-on website. 

You said that you wrote about why you didn’t choose eM Client, and named the choice you made, including what add-on you needed to provide the functionality you required. I commented on that, but I would have done the same if you had chosen any other email client. But you didn’t, so I didn’t.

And the crux is that if it was much needed then maybe 50% of Thunderbird users would have it. Or maybe 10%. How about 1%. Ummm . . how about just 0.1%.

Not there yet. Describing it as niche is quite generous, but describing it as much needed is absurd.

might be important for people with more than one account

That can already be changed for each account in your settings.

I think that maybe I went off on a tangent because of the same comment by Cyril. At least my initial comment was to clarify that you can have different notifications if you have more than one account. But you know how it is? You make a comment on a public forum, you can expect a comment in return. :wink:

The original idea proposed, which has similar functionality to the add-on Cyril uses in Thunderbird, (taking his word on it as it is not available for the version of Thunderbird I use) has been marked as NOT PLANNED in eM Client.