Placing copy of sent emails

With “save file in sent folder” not selected, will the file go the folder from which the reply was sent from? And if not, can that be implemented?

I am not sure if I understood you correctly - If you uncheck the option “Save copy of sent messages in “Sent” folder” none of your outgoing messages will be saved.

Thanks for the quick reply
I asked the question before unchecking the box myself, because I don’t wish to loose sent messages. According to what you just said, with the box unchecked, the messages will not be saved. This is an unacceptable condition for me. I wish to save the messages in the folder from which I send (reply) just as in Outlook. Can this feature be added, and if so, along with your most recent improved functionality, eM Client will be a suitable product that I would be willing to pay for.
Thanks for a very compelling product (almost completely…)

I agree that this is a weakness in EMC. A copy should always reside at least in the local folders sent subfolder. You would then be able to move it to where you want.