PgUp/PgDown not working when replying to email


the Page-Up and Page-Down keys are not working when replying to an email.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Reply or Reply-All to an email with more than one page of text
  2. In the reply / compse window that pops up the Page-Up and Page-Down keys do not scroll one page down and up respectively.

emClient version: 5.0.18025.0
OS version: Windows 7

Best Regards

thank you for reporting this. We will fix it ASAP.

Great, thanks for addressing this problem.

I just installed eM Client 2 days ago and just noticed this very problem. The email I am responding to is several screen-fulls long. Page Down takes me to the very end, Page Up to the very top. They should only move me one screen-full, not all the way. (Ctrl+End and Ctrl+Home already move you to the bottom and top, respectively.)  I can get there eventually by holding down the down and up arrow keys (and better yet, jump by paragraphs with Ctrl+down arrow), but Page Up and Page Down would be nice if they worked right. (This may seem trivial to those who like to point and click, but some of us like to keep our hands on the keyboard.)