PGP Support


 i’am looking for a way to encrypt my Mails with PGP. Maybe OpenPGP or GPG for Win. In my Webservices for Mailing a can add the PGP Keys, but in the emClient i found only the security profile. An this seems only to accept certificats. Raw PGP Keys is not able to import as in a security profile.

Is it possible to use PGP in emClient 7?


unfortunately, it is not possible to use PGP in eM Client at this time.
We’re working on this feature though and it will be included in future upgrades.



as some others i need also PGP.
And hoped that it will come in version 7.

My license expires and i will look for another mail-program :frowning:
I don’t need new features like chat.
Encrypting mails is included in many clients.
Sadly not in emclient for a long, long time…and no roadmap when it will be included :frowning:


We support encryption and signing using the S/MIME standard, which is widely recognized standard accepted by many governments and business organizations around the world.

Support for PGP is currently planned for version 7.1 (the final number may differ, but generally the next big update). 


I would like to know if PGP integration is still in development and if you have an ETA. I’am waiting for this since long time…

Hope you will answer :wink:

Same here.
Many email support PGP.
This is something that needs to be addressed as a priority matter.

On the main page of eM Client is written that version 7.1 does have PGP support:

Ah yes, I have seen that, and tried some tests with the inbuilt PGP system
Is this compatible with OpenPGP or GnuGP?

It would also be more helpful to have the encryption/signature buttons available on the toolbar at all times, so that msg can be encrypted, or not, depending on the msg and to whom, rather than “all on” or “all off”

Hello Jack,

You can add the security button to the toolbar in New mail > More > Customize.