pgp password - reentry required

For the encryption of E-Mails the settings allows to either keep the password forever, to forget it after closing the program or to forget it after 5 minutes.
Unforunately the setting “keep it forever” does not work. When selecting this option the program constantly asks for the PGP password.

where can I find this setting? I just have to type in the password but I can’t find a checkbox or anything like that when i do that… I made the mistake of making a complicated (untypable) password, thinking that I would rarely have to enter it.

That setting Felix is referring to does not exist. Maybe he misunderstood what “never” means. It is also possible that if he is using eM Client in another language, the translation was done incorrectly.

I would suggest just deleting the key and creating a new one with a simpler password. You will have to resend the new key to anyone you sent the previous one to.

so what is the behaviour then? the password is remembered as long as the client is open?

Whatever setting you have chosen will be the behaviour. On the first option the password will be required on the first encrypted email you send, then will not be requested again until after you restart eM Client. “Never” will request the password every time as Felix has discovered.

One thing to note: if you have sent out your public for which you used the untypable password, any encrypted emails sent to you on that key will require the same untypable password to open them. So as I said, create a new key, but also keep the untypable password written down somewhere just in case.

got it, sorry I was a bit distracted when reading before. thanks

No problem. I guess you are kinda busy this time of year. :wink: