PGP password and digital signature

I created PGP accounts, not really for encryption, but as I understand the certificate allows you to digitally sign your email via the certificate.
In these days with everyone having ultrasensitive spamfilters, I find this a good thing.

However, if I only in the account policy have set the mails for digital signature, I don’t want to be asked for the password every time I send an unencrypted digitally signed mail.

Is this the wrong kind of thinking in using digital signatures with pgp certicates? Or does it just mean that if I only want digital signatures I need to find another certificate provider?

Because this is a security feature, eM Client wants to ensure that you have permission to sign the message with your private key, so you are asked to enter the password. You can change how the password is remembered in Menu > Settings > Signing and Encryption > General. Options range from Never to Forever.

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