PGP encryption not working

I have been trying to use PGP encryption in Version: 7.1.32088.0. Added private & public PGP keys for my account and public PGP key for recipient mail ID. Still it keep complaining that unable to find the PGP keys for both the mail ids. Can you please guide with steps to follow.

Hello Tarun,

Are you sure that you generated the PGP key pair for the account that you’re using for sending? There is an instruction video for PGP feature on our website after you scroll down.


Thanks Russel.
Just tried following the same instructions as mentioned in video (earlier also did the same way), still getting error. Error message snapshot attached. Can you please help here.


Hello Tarun,

Send me please an email with a link to this thread to

Thank you,

em client is useless when it comes to PGP

I send and receive PGP encrypted messages regularly, and have no problems. Well, I had one problem, but that was because the public key someone sent me was malformed.

What specifically are you having problems with Leonard?