Persistent error messages

Can you share what the error messages are?  Are you still able to receive and send email?  Maybe supply screenshots?

I have screenshots of the error message and relevant section of log.  Was trying to work out how to attach these, which is why my message was incomplete!

You can drag the images into the comment text box, or click on the paper clip.

Can’t drag & drop because they are MS Word files, not pictures and can’t see a paper clip, only a link icon.

The best way to post a screenshot is to use the Windows sniping tool.  It will save it as a .png file, which can easily be attached.

OK.  I’ve never before been unable to attach a doc. file, but never mind.  Perhaps I should begin at the beginning as the first part of my request for help seems to have disappeared!  A couple of weeks ago I changed OS.  When I reinstalled eM Client I noticed a file called Conversations that had never been there before, as far as I’m aware.  Thinking ‘I’ll never use that - let’s zap it’ I deleted it and it went into the Trash folder.  Next time I wanted to empty Trash I received an error message saying it couldn’t be done because the Conversations folder couldn’t be deleted.

This error message now comes up every time I open eM Client.  I visited this Forum and, acting on advice given to others with the same problem, I tried deleting all my server info.  Didn’t help.  I then went into my account at Windows Live and found that the Conversations folder was still showing there.  So I tried to reimport the account into eM Client.  Didn’t help either.

The message does not appear to impact on functionality at all, it’s just a pain to have to Ignore it every time so it seemed worth mentioning my instance of the problem on the forum just in case there is a different solution to it!  Will send scr prints once I’ve converted them.

It sounds like maybe a folder your email provider creates.

You can disable notifications by going to menu/tools/settings/general/operations window und deselect "Show window when error occurs.  The downside, of course, is other errors that may be important will not show.

You might just want to start with a blank database and recreate the account.  To do this, close eM Client go the c:\users[user_name]\Appdata\roaming\em client (note:  this is a hidden directory, so make sure you have the “view hidden files” option selected in Windows Explorer).  Either delete the directory or change its name.  When you relaunch eM Client, it will create a new, blank database.  Then reenter your account information.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Jay, going back to a blank database has solved the problem.  The folder marked Conversations now appears in the list in eM Client but I’m just going to leave it alone, it isn’t doing any harm - unlike me, when I tried to remove it!  Thanks very much for your time, it’s much appreciated!