Permanently ignore errors from some accounts (do not pop Operations dialog)

I own a email address. This is hosted somewhere in China and it is known that there are lags, downtimes, etc.

Which happens quite regularly.

Which pops this up regularly too:

The idea? A setting somewhere to just ignore this error, so it doesn’t pop the ‘Operations’ dialog 2 times every hour! :smiley:

This, or maybe, a more technical setting for the IMAP server which would throttle the amount of connections per minute or something.
Because I suspect that even though the servers are crap, they may also become unresponsive when there are too many queries from a single user. Or something.

I’ve got the same problem with FastMail and Google - both definitely reliable services, I daresay. And despite of those warnings, I do not experience any problems in email or other data not being synchronised as should.

I usually end up dragging the warning window beyond the edge of the screen so that it’s hardly visible any more, but that’s not a good solution I’m afraid.