Permanently disable EM Client Update notifications?

I bought a lifetime license thinking it meant a LIFETIME, but you have to actually pay for any/all future updates?! and if you want to disable it, you have to have something called a License Manager which is only available to you if you pay more than you did for the initial LIFETIME LICENSE…I mean do words not mean the same thing anymore?!

Pro licenses come in a few different options.

A regular Pro license is valid only for the version you bought it for. It is yours forever, so you can use it indefinitely with that version of eM Client. This version does not offer you upgrades to versions the license is not valid for. If you manually install a later version yourself, and want to continue using eM Client with that license, you will need to either downgrade back to the version supported by your license, or purchase a version upgrade.

A Pro license with lifetime upgrades allows you to use that license indefinitely will all future versions of eM Client at no extra cost. Upgrades will be offered automatically as they are released.

A Pro Business license gives you access to the License Manager so you can sync your settings from our server, and you will have access to other advanced business options like restricting what accounts your employees can add, or make sure each department has the same templates and signatures. And yes, this also allows you to restrict which versions each employee can update to, so whether they are offered upgrades or not.

Hi, I want to permanently disable the auto update. Please provide detail steps.

If you have a Pro License, you can delay it for up to a month, or open a support ticket with us and we can disable the updates on your Pro license.

For Free license users, you can’t change that. Sorry.