Performance slowly declining

Hi all- I made the switch from Outlook to eMClient and for the most part I am pretty happy. But, my performance is slowly getting worse, and there must be something causing the problem!

I have 2 accounts, both are Gmail (one, one my own domain, but identical as far as config). I don’t have a huge amount of labels, etc.

When a launch eM Client, it now takes up to a minute before I can do anything. And, when I drag an email into a folder from the smart inbox, it takes up to a minute to process.

The worst part is that it’s bogging down my whole machine (win7) with a continually spinning hard drive. I am fairly certain it’s eM client causing this. Could there be some kind of maintenance that never ends going on? I am doubtful that the client is this slow - any input or ideas much appreciated!

thanks ,Dave

more info: I checked task manager and there is a process called MailClient.exe that is running continuously, eating a lot of CPU time and spinning the hard drive.

Is it possible that some kind of maintenance is going on? I might just leave my machine running all night and see if it will reach the end of whatever it’s doing !

please run the tool available here It generates a log file into your documents folder which will help us analyze the problem in more detail. Please send this file to


do you have enabled the option “Download messages for offline use”? Do you have any synchronization in progress? Open the Operations window to check it. Thank you.

My emclient was a bit slow to start up too but there was an update released last week which, amongst other fixes, has cured that problem.

Try uninstalling your version and install the latest (ver 5.0.17494.0).

did the reinstall help? If not, I would like to ask you to create a several more strack trace files while emClient is eating a lot of CPU (as you did previously - we were not able to find anything strange in that particular file). thanks

Hello (this is Dave just using another account)

No improvement, no. I sent another trace.

Whenever I see that thread running in task manager, my whole computer is bogged down. I have never seen it finish - it just runs and runs and eventually I have to reboot.

If I don’t launch EM client, all is well. Once I launch it, my machine is crippled. Very frustrating!!

thanks, Dave

I would like to ask you to do one more thing: please go to Tools->Settings->Advanced and enable the Database logs. Then please restart eMClient, start it again, let it run for a while when the hard disk drive is spinning and the application is eating the CPU and then please send us the diagnostic logs. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Hello -

Thanks for your reply. I might have been wrong - after a long process (archiving?) following the reinstall, the product seems to be working ok!!

So, let me wait and see if my performance woes are resolved. It’s not my intention to waste your time :slight_smile:

thanks, Dave

The verdict: seems better but still slow and sometimes unusable.

This morning I used Gmail web client for a few hours, and had no slowdowns at all.

Then I lauched eM Client and had severe slowdowns from time to time. Once, my mouse froze for around 2 minutes, which is hardcore. On all 3 or 4 times I experienced this, I attempted to launch the trace tool but was not able to do that because my hardrive was spinning and my computer unresponsive, so I never got the thing launched while the crunch was still happening!

Now I’m back to web client and all is well :frowning:

When the Mailclient.exe process is visible in the task manager, I have issues. When it’s not there, I never do (I have a pretty strong machine running) so I am increasingly certain that these issues only occur when I am running eM client,.

Very frustrating!

When it happens again, please run the tool available from… after the freeze happens. It should generate a log file (starting with “eM Client Stack” in your Documents folder) that will help us analyze the problem in more detail. Please send this file to us. Thanks.

I’d like to send my performance logs, too. Sometimes mine gets stuck on Downloading messages, and the little green bar moves ever so slowly. Other times, like right now, it appears to be completely re-downloading and syncing everything (two accounts: one regular Gmail account and one Google Apps account). Both George and Tom said to send the log files to them. To whom should they be sent?


It does not mater. Tom is my colleague so he will eventually forward it to me anyway.
Please attach your IMAP log too - it would tell us more than emstackdump in this case.

Same exact problem here. Slowly declining proforance when switching between messages or folders, and the “eM Client\DbRepair.exe” /forcerebuild" fixed for me!