Pedir os emails enviados

Me chamo Danilo, meu email não estavam chegando, então tirei e coloquei novamente a conta, porém os emails que já tinha enviado sumiram oq posso fazer ?

My email wasn’t arriving, so I removed it and added the account again, but the emails I had already sent disappeared, what can I do?

Normally if you have a IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud account then if you remove and re-add your email account, all your sent emails will re-appear automatically usually after a short-time, as all the account message folders are at the server end and not local. So if you do have one of the above type accounts, you might just need to wait a bit longer till the sent messages appear depending on the speed of your connection. If the sent messages still don’t appear after a sometime, click on the Sent folder under your account and click Refresh at the top left to force the Sent folder to update / sync.

However if you have a POP account, your sent messages “are only locally in eM Client” and won’t be there if you remove and re-add your account, unless you have eg: first dragged the sent messages folder down under “Local folders at the bottom left of eM Client” in a folder such as eg: Old Mail . You can then drag the messages back up to your Sent folder when the new POP account is created.

So the only option you can do if you had a POP account and your Sent messages are gone is to “Restore an eM Client backup” which will then restore all your Sent messages as they were. To do that click “Menu / File / Restore” (Pc) or “File / Restore” (Mac). That brings up a list of recent dated files to restore. Now If you have’t been making regularly eM Client backups, then your sent messages cannot be restored, unless you have a recent snapshot / image of your entire computer.