pdf attachments

hi there,

we seem to have an issue with opening .pdf. When i recieve an attachment with em client i cannot open it. i get the error there was an error opening this document the file is damaged and cannot be repaired. The ataachment opens if you send it directly to outlook. any ideas? many Thanks Marc


do you use by any chance version X of Adobe Reader? And what version of eM Client do you use?

Hi John,

we are using version 8 as the full version when converting pdf from a spread sheet and version 9 as the reader. The em client we are using is 5.018661.0 many thanks.


please try this version http://www.emclient.com/dist/v5.0.190… and tell me if it will solve your issue.

Version in this link is supposed to be next update for 5th version but it is not released yet.