PDF Attachment

I am using Quickbooks Plus 2010-11 and when I email an invoice in the past with Outlook Express the email is sent with the invoice attached as a PDF, but now I am using emClient it is trying to send as a BIN file, is there anyway that em client can default this attachment as a PDF?..Thanks

so Quickbooks Plus 2010-11 produces email with invoice and Outlook Express process it as PDF file and eM Client cannot process it correctly, is that right?

Yes this is correct

We just made the jump to EM and like it so far. There are a few features we are missing from OL, one being able to invoke a “send email” from Quickbooks and have it launch a new message from EM (with the QB file attached as a PDF).

This may be a liability in QB - not supporting 3rd party email apps other than OL?


Please make sure that eM Client is set as default email application. If it is and you are still not able to send emails from Quickbooks I will have to test it further.

George, thanks for the reply. EM is my default email client and does work as expected with other apps (e.g. email links within a browser). As near as I can tell, QB only supports MS email clients and a few webmail clients.

I have a work-around by printing the document as a PDF (we use PDFfactory), then invoking a new mail from PDFfactory. It is a few extra steps to do it this way - so it would be great if EM could spoof QB into thinking it is OL.

I just came across this same issue this morning. It’s really a Quickbooks issue for not just supporting the default email client and favoring Outlook and a few other clients. I found that setting up Quickbooks to use my webmail account info to send the email was a very simple work around.