PDF Attachment Damaged/Corrupted

First time this has happened running eM client 6 trying to open a PDF file someone sent to me and I couldn’t open it.

Adobe acrobat stated:
“Acrobat could not open PDF because it is either not supported file type or because the file has been damaged…”

When I forward the email to another email and open it in a web browser it opens flawlessly not in eM client.

I see other topics regarding this issue but never could find a solution.

Same problem!

I receive mails with attached pdf-files all the time (6 today) and never had this behaviour. But I am using Version 7 (7.2.34648) and have pdfXchange as my default PDF program. Could be a bug in V6 or Acrobat being over sensitive.

Noting to do with acrobat. There is nothing wrong with the file only when it was sent to eM client did it become a problem. I have received other PDFs without an issue but this didn’t work. Losing confidence in this email client. Not to mention eM7 is such a mess for me.

What is it about 7 that you don’t like?

I have a post about here

Upgrade to Version 7 is a BIG MESS