PC freezes (V7.1.33101.0)


After updating to version 7.1.33101.0, I have regular freezing of the PC when emClient is in background regardless to the programs in foreground.

I surveilled this effect now over more than a week. The only common thing on freeze is the running emClient in background.

Contradiction: on my laptop there is no freezing in identical circumstances. Therefore it might be a side effect of my desktop pc hardeware: i7-7700 CPU 3.6 GHz, 64GB RAM, Win10x64 (auto update).

Because it is in the background I can only suppose, that it occurs on syncing the (POP3-)accounts.

Fact is: having emClient closed no freezing happens.

Hardware checks ended all up without any findings.Drivers are up to date.

I am aware that my “bug description” is quite mysterious. But maybe someone else out there has this effect, too. Or maybe the developers have an idea what happens.

Closing emClient after usage is time consuming because I have a huge amount of e-mails (> 50k) in six accounts, archiving was set to “older than 1000 days”

I reduced this to to 300 days (just yet) to have a faster start up. Because the next days I have to work without risk of data loss. Therefor I will close emClient during work and open it on my laptop simultanuously.

I am using a lifetime licensed 3 user version.

Hi NoSi

Can you exit Windows and boot into BIOS. Then run a complete memory diagnostic.

As I said all hardware checks ended up with no findings. Memory is tested and o.k. (before I placed this post). In the next few days I will take a closer look at the peripheral divices in order to rule out interference from there.

Please do nothing about this until furhter notice!

It seems as if there is a problem with mouse or keyboard. I changed hardware to another computer and the same freezing happens now there. Without running emClient.

I have to investigate this (without having an idea how exactly) but there is a good chance that emClient has nothing to do with it.

It will be good to know either way NoSi.

As far as I could investigate emClient has nothing to do with this problem. Looking into deep I fount out that besides emClient other not that obviously seen software was running during the effect.

I can’t say for sure if that was the one to blame but after the exchange of a (updated) mouse driver addition (to previous one) for my logitech trackball since then the hanging did not appear again. That this locked the keyboard, too, was missleading.

This thread can be closed (from my side).

The described effect was still appearing. Excluding more and more applications as a possible reason, I came to the conclusion that it is has to be a hardware problem.

After changing the graphics card – that mastered all tests regarding to this with flying colors – it seems as if it is really solved. I have to admit that I can not explain what drove me to the desicion to replace an apparently working graphics card.

Glad it is sorted NoSi. 

Maybe it was the graphics driver and not the card itself. :slight_smile:

Definitifly not. All drivers were part of detailed investigations.