Pasting Text Question

Greetings, I have a question about pasting text into an email:

When pasting into an email message, is it possible to have “keep formatting” selected, but every now and then paste only text into an email? If so, what is the keyboard shortcut for pasting unformatted “text only” into the email?

The reason I’m asking is because the majority of the time I want to keep the formatting, but once a week or so I must paste only text. Do I need to go into the preferences and reselect the option I want only for that particular email, then, once sent, go back into the preferences and change it back? Or is there a shortcut to paste only text?

Thank you.

Just a thought… right-clicking in the email makes two options available

I am assuming that the first is an “as is” paste…

So again, just a thought…

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Yes, that is exactly what I was looking for but had not found yet. Thank you!

Windows-Shortcut only text: ctrl+shift+v

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