Pasting image from Excel or Word

If I take a screen shot, then paste it into Excel or Word and crop it and then try to copy and paste it into an email the image never pastes?? I can paste it anywhere else except in an email message?? Is this just a bug?

can you tell me what Microsoft Office version are you using and what version of Internet Explorer are you using?

Thank you,

It happens in both Office 2003 and Office 2007. Not using IE at all.

Hi, eM client uses IE for clipboard management so always make sure your IE is in it’s latest version to avoid any issues with copy&pasting into emails.

However earlier version of MS Office are currently not supported for image copying into emails, it works in latest versions only. I’m sorry if this issue is an obstacle for you, but it’s caused by a different content management in earlier versions of MS Office.

There might be a fix for this issue in the future.
Thank you for understanding,

Thanks for your help Paul!