Passwords keep corrupting causing my email host to block my wan IP

I find that my current newest copy and freshly paid for EM client keeps for some reason or another forgetting or corrupting my password with my web host’s email accounts…this causes it to hammer the incorrect password to them and they block my public IP for it and i have to keep asking them to unblock me while i re-enter my passwords and save them…Need some help!

viernes 04 noviembre 2022 :: 0750hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @Can0n

Are you absolutely certain that when you re-enter password that you SAVE & CLOSE ?
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oh yeah i save and close, test and its fine. if i leave emClient open for a long time or do not use it for a long time i start seeing issues and have to re-enter my password for the two accounts from that web host

Who is your mailbox provider ? and what type of mailbox account do you have. eg: POP, IMAP, etc

Using imap

Have you tried removing and re-adding your IMAP account in eM Client. If not suggest to do that and see if that fixes it. Could just be a problem with your eM Client account locally.

Note: If you do remove and re-add your IMAP account, make a backup first via “Menu / Backup”.

Failing that go online and try resetting your Canspace password to a completely different one and then use / update that one in eM Client.

Lastly as long as you have the correct IMAP server settings, then could possible be the eg: Canspace mailbox authentication server has a problem randomly and is a fault their end.

Thanks. I’ve tried changing the password multiple times every time it happens. Actually in one case the IMAP settings did change on the second account which was just recently added.

I have not tried removing them, saving it and re-adding them, but that might be my next step if I see it happen again

I noticed an update came in so I’m hoping that fixes it

so an update over a week now and since the last patch the issue doesnt seem to be impacting me any more

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