Password Window Location

While I really love eM Client and its features, I have a small suggestion to improve usabillity:
When the option for a master password is set, the “Enter password” window on startup always appears in the top left corner (at least on Windows 10) which is quite confusing when there are other open applications on the screen as well. Multiple times I had the problem that I repeatedly clicked the icon to open eM Client and was wondering why nothing happens, when actually the password window just hid between other applications somewhere in the corner.

So long story short: It would be great if the password window on startup would appear centered in the screen.

Interestingly, mine shows up in the middle of the screen.  I tried a couple of things, but I can’t get it to display anywhere else.  I’ll keep trying.

Well, seems like it’s a special feature just for me then.
Maybe I should have posted this under bus/problems in that case. It never showed up in the middle for me. Version 7.1.32820.0, Windows 10.

You are running a relatively older version of eM Client, this might make a difference (not even on their history list).  you can try upgrading to the latest version (7.2.34208.0) by going here:  If you don’t want to go to the 7.2 series, at least update to the latest 7.1.

Well thats strange, since the client keeps telling me that there is no update available.

Yeah, they don’t always push new versions out, but there always available at the website.  I don’t even use the “check for update” feature anymore.

I’ll try that then. Thanks for you help!