Password required .... Unable to work ... Cannot send/receive - Help!

We are running 9.1.2109 Pro.

I cannot work. At all. Got urgent theatre lists that need to go out and I have to download PDFS to my mobile phone and email them from there. I email the support team but will not hear back from them till tomorrow (time difference), then if they ask a questions, and I email them back … that’s another day I have to wait. I need help and I need it now - urgently. I am using a remote server, so deleting and re-installing will need to be done by another organisation. I just want some immediate help. someone to call??? From Australia?

YES - the password is correct! It has not been changed. Edited to also add - I am linked to an Outlook email address (in case that helps).

This is because your email provider no longer accepts username/password logins to their server.

Please go to Menu > Accounts and remove the account.

Then click on Add Account and enter the email address in the Automatic Setup.
You will be passed to your web browser to authenticate the account, then back to eM Client where the account will have been setup with oAuth (passwordless).