"Password Required" pops up every few seconds

Password Required keeps popping up every 5 seconds. I have password setup automatically, it’s already filled, it is valid, it works, but still comes up every few seconds. I can’t get anything done!

Who is your mail provider? You can try to re-create the account - it could help. If it won’t let me know and I will advise you further. Thank you.

I use GoDaddy.

The window keeps popping up and I can’t do any work. I’m 100% sure that the passwords are correct. I tried ticking with the settings but nothing works.

Please help me resolve the issue.

Hi, did this started after setup or you were able to use eM Client before this issue without problem for longer time?


I have the same problem.  I also use GoDaddy for my email service.

Hi, do you have a Calendar service activated (paid feature) on your GoDaddy account? If not can you go to Tools > Accounts > Your GoDaddy account > Calendars and uncheck the “Enable service” option.
This should prevent showing of the error, but it’s a solution only for users who don’t have the subcription to the Calendar service.

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We do not have the calendar and it’s doing the same thing to us. Please help.  

Hi Steffanie, did you follow the instructions above?
Go to Tools > Accounts > Your account and disable the calendar service only, the popup should then disappear.

Thank you,

I just started yesterday, and I have the same thing…my emails got imported from another program. I had pop3…it said imap would be better…so I allowed it. My  internet company uses Yahoo for it’s email “outlet”.  I also use gmail.  All of the ones from yahoo, get the pop up.  I even reinstalled it, after deleting the original data, and tried input as a fresh pop3 account…still the pop ups…I like the program, but paying for this is not going to happen.

Hi Tami, what version of eM client are you currently using? Can you please make a screenshot of the error or authentication issue you’re having?
Are you having issues with a Yahoo account, are you able to send and receive messages using this account?

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I’m using the latest version in trial mode.Yes, I can send and receive from within Yahoo.  My ISP company has partnered with them for our emails. Normally I got them through POP3 and avoided yahoo altogether. I don’t mind the way it’s set up in yahoo, though,  by category.  
The pop up says Password required…server says unauthorized, then the email account and password below that…with the save password at the bottom. It’s a standard popup. But it comes up every time the mail is checked and yet the mail is there in the inboxes.

Hi again Tami, can you please go to Tools > Accounts > Your Yahoo account, and make a screenshot of your account settings from General / POP(IMAP) / SMTP and Calendar/Contacts tabs of your account.
Please either post the screenshots here on the forum or send them to my email [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,