Password Required pop up on SMTP Only

I work part time at work, part time at home. The work computer works fine, my home computer also gets incoming emails, but I get a “Password Required” pop up box, but only for smtp side, so I can receive emails, but not send them.

I have copied and pasted both the user name & password (which is the same for both imap & smtp)
But the box keeps appearing with "Server says “incorrect authentication data” Please help

martes 31 mayo 2022 :: 0835hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @GerryD1

IF… and only IF the eMC content on both computers is identical, files etc
1./ On work computer go to: Menu ->Backup
2./ Copy this Bacup (on USB) to Home computer Dessktop
3./ On Home computer go to: Menu ->File ->Restore point restore to the Backup on Desktop
4./ This action will copy Work eMC configuration to Home computer
5./ If your assessment of the issue was correct your Home computer will now work

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Thank you for your suggestion. It worked well, and everything is now working correctly.

Kind regards