"Password required for ---@hotmail.com" titled window comes up, nowhere to enter password.

Hotmail is suddenly broken on emclient, nothing has changed to my knowledge.

When it tries to sync hotmail a window comes up. The titlebar says “password required for @hotmail.com”. The main window is mostly white but says "Microsoft Account
We’re unable to complete your request. Microsoft account is experiencing technical problems. Please try again later."

There’s nowhere to enter my password (which hasn’t changed). I can read my hotmail mail fine on the web page and mobile devices.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi graspee,

Yes , this problem has been going on for a while.
You can read more about it here

You need to update the version you have to v7.2.34959
You can get it from te main page  https://emclient.com/
or here is also a direct link  Fix  Download here for Windows   http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.2.34959/setup.msi

After the install, it wil again ask for password, but now you wil have a place to enter it…

BTW- this file is still not avalable on the Release History page

the same for live.com and outlook.com for last several days.

Thanks for the information. Yeah I’ve had the problem for a week or two and I’ve been just keeping emclient closed except for checking email once and then checking email on other devices but I was in a mood with other things today and the email thing just got to me.

I trust it worked ?

It did, yes, thank you. The window prompted for password, I entered it and everything was back to normal.

Actually, on one machine I was lucky.
From the evening before to the following morning, it wouldn’t work,but 10 min after I got an update notice for the new version - clicked yes - update was installed and got the window to enter password. Done in a couple of minutes…

On other machines I had to search for the solution and found it on the main forum page 

Oh I think I saw that sticky thing when I came to the forum and I actually quickly closed it because I’m just so used to various pop up crap about data privacy or cookies.