Password recovery

Im wondering if there is a way to recover the password from the accounts.dat file at all?.. some of my users forget their email password… so i use a program to recover that… but that program doesnt work for eMclient

I hope that eM Client is more secure than being able to recover the password in that way. :slight_smile:

One option, if they are using IMAP, is to delete the database and start again. To do that. close eM Client and delete the C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder.

Yes… its more secure…  I would prefer to get the password tho

Sorry, my reply was applicable to the eM Client password being lost, not the email account one. My mistake. But still, I certainly prefer that my passwords are not recoverable using some app to hack the database.

I guess that the only option is to record the passwords somewhere. Also, many email services do provide an option for lost passwords, so you could reset them that way.