Password prompts only when application in focus

em Client seems to pop up password prompts at unpredictable times. And even worse, it also acquires the focus.

This is very bad practice. Usually I’m typing in some other program like word, eclipse, excel, just doing my job. If em Client catches the focus and starts filling in the password prompt with what I’m typing at a random moment, you can imagine the nonsense that follows with password prompts filled with random, possibly confidential, text.

I already disabled everything that can be disabled in the Settings/Notifications panel. So far that did not solve the problem

How do I turn off password prompts like this. I have a few possible solutions

  • only ask for password if I click on “refresh” in em Client
  • prompt for password when I click on it to give it focus
  • make a ‘bouncy icon’ in the dock and WAIT for the focus. I think the bouncy icon is already there but the WAIT is not…