Password prompt every 3 seconds.

So every 3 seconds I’m getting a password prompt. This is using exchange, and no clue what the problem is right now. I don’t get a error message or anything. Also this website is broken in Chrome it seems? (page was messed up and couldn’t edit my thread or anything)

I had the same issue - I found that removing the server string from the OAB tab in accounts got rid of that prompt.  It would appear that there is a bug - sorry - “undocumented program feature” - with the Offline Address Book functionality.

On advice from eM Client I have just deleted my account, then re-created the account and not checked the second “Contacts” box on creation - i.e. I have ticked “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” but not the second “Contacts” box which is Offline Address Book.

No password prompt every 3 seconds. 

Hi Stan, can you please try to update your eM Client to this release and disable the offline address book synchronization in your Exchange account settings?

Thank you,

Same issue here. Was resolved by updating to v6.0.21527 as per Paul’s post, then disabling offline address book sync.