Password on Account Creation

Testing out this client as an alternative for my 300ish Google Business Apps users.

During the account creation process when connecting to a Google Business Apps account, we enter the username ([email protected]) and password. A login box pops up as if to indicate that the username or password is incorrect, we verify this information is correct, hit ok and the box pops right back up. Hitting cancel and the account connects, synchronizes everything (Mail/Calendars/Contacts/Tasks), and works as if nothing is wrong.

Every once in a while, this same login dialog box will pop up asking for login information. Hitting ok just triggers the box again, hitting cancel again allows everything to continue working as it should.

We’ve seen this behavior on many different machines.

Any suggestions?

This happens when you use 2 step verification. If this is your case, create a unique password for eM Client and then enter it into the pop up window asking for the password. It works without any problems.

Our domain doesn’t have 2 step verification enabled and looking at the ‘Security’ tab for any user shows a status of ‘Disabled Users are not allowed to turn on 2-step authentication.’

In that case try to re-create the account and if it will not help, contact me directly at [email protected] - I will send you further instructions.