password not correct

I have saved my user ID and password. This em client continuously Pops up message “server says user name and passowrd is not correct”
although it keep on sending and receiveing mails with same password because password is correct.

secondly every five minutes it give error message “not able to contact server”

I had the same problem. Do you use an Google Account?
Then maybe google calendar is not activated in your account. To activate it just go, click on calendar and sign in. This has solved the problem for me.

I dont face the same problem with Google. This is only with


this is common problem with Yahoo and their authentication servers, we have introduced some workarounds, but apart of them there is unfortunately nothing else what we can do at this moment.

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John Galis. You might want to do some collaberation with the folks at Mozilla and find out what you are doing wrong. Thunderbird does not have any problems with the Yahoo IMAP servers. So … I’d say that your statement "there is undortunately nothing else what we can do at this moment … " is simply not factual. If Mozilla can access Yahoo IMAP servers properly, then so can you. You are simply doing something wrong to cause the current erratic behavior.


Unfortunately this is not true, Yahoo has very bad authentication servers. Our developers tried to do everything to overcome that but unfortunately it is not possible to do more than this at this moment.

Thunderbird has same problems, they are just not showing error message, Outlook has same problem as us and thunderbird.

We have no reason to not make this work, but we will not copy thunderbirds way and not informing users what is happening.

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I am having this when connecting to my hosted exchange account with Intermedia

Hi Alan, can you please update your eM Client to this release, , and navigate to your Exchange account settings under Tools > Accounts, and disable the offline address book synchronization?

Please make sure to let us know if the issue persists, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

disabling the Offline Address Book Synchronization worked.

Anyway, I just want to remember to the other users that if the problematic account is the only one you can’t remove the flag, because the default account need this option enabled.

In order to remove this flag, create a “fake” account, make it default, remove the flag from the problematic account, then click OK.

Go back into Tools > Account and delete the fake account.


Good luck my friends!

Hi again Andrea, using the latest release I’ve mentioned in my previous comment, you should be able to disable the service without the need of creating a ‘fake’ account, the issue has been addressed in the update.

Hope this helps,