Password nag screens

I thought I had this problem fixed… it appears it was only temporary. Once again I booted my pc up this morning and started getting the password nag screens for both my email addresses again. I put them in correctly and the screens go away only to return (and mess up whatever I’m doing in the process!). I saw there was a new version of eM Client so I’ve DL and installed that but the problem persists. I see a couple of other members had this issue, but neither were resolved. Is there a fix for this, one that I don’t need a degree in IT for please? This is driving me nuts! Thank you in advance.

Do you use a VPN?

No, I don’t use one.

Are they by chance Gmail accounts?

Yes they both are gmail accounts.

EDIT: Gary’s fix is correct. All my accounts are using the correct protocol and have no problems.

I have several gmail accounts and they are working ok. The only way that I have fixed password problems in emClient in the past was to force emClient to forget the password(s), restart (just to be sure the change is saved cleanly), and then add the passwords next time I’m asked.

From a quick look, there isn’t a menu option, so I’d try removing the password from Accounts, then just ‘refresh’ the gmail account alone to force emClient to ask for a new password. I’m not going to test it, sorry, too many other bugs to deal with right now.

If you are using a username and password for the Gmail account, you will need to setup your account again as that method is no longer supported by Google.

Please follow the instructions here: Google ‘less secure apps’ access and what it means for eM Client | eM Client

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