Password for PGP not accepted

I’ve read all the literature provided by eMclient regarding PGP and encryption. I have followed all steps exactly as instructed by eMclient and as yet apparently I am either not understanding the procedure and not executing the steps properly or something else is wrong and I do not understand what I am doing wrong. I need assistance in setting up and using PGP as the image I just uploaded to this communication further illustrates the problem I am experiencing.

I set up a key but apparently do not understand both how to setup the password and how to use the password, please assist.

This is the email to verify your key uploaded to our server. It is not necessary to use the keybook, but it does enable other eM Client users to find your public key.

Can you try click on Verify again and see if you get the same error?

Sorry it has taken so long to reply, I’ve been in the hospital 10 times from later November to today. If you wish I will take system snapshots of the issue’s I’m experiencing and forward to you???