Password demand window keeps popping up and can't send receive.

After recently downloading eM Client I was able to use it without any problems but all of a sudden, a few days ago, after opening it, it keeps asking me for my username and password (to my Yahoo account) and even though I enter them correctly the username and password window to log in to my Yahoo account keeps popping up!
Anybody else have this problem? Does anybody know a of a solution?

The common factor here is Yahoo - I got this problem when using MS Outlook as the client and Yahoo as the provider. I got so fed up that I switched to emClient to escape it.

Now the same thing is happening with emClient.
I can access my e-mail on the web and I know that I have the password correct at the server end AND on emClient.

I need to solve this and when I do I will post result. NOTE: it was posted as a common problem with Yahoo

It may have to do the fact that Yahoo has quite few domain names for their mail server, including their partners. The article here even mention try alternative server names (though fail to provide a list):…

Yahoo even has localized server names, such as:,,

As for their partner:,…

There’s a forum here says turn off SSL:…

Do some Google, sorry Yahoo search to find out more. Don’t have Yahoo account to try it out, never will have one.