Passing Parameters - A Programmer Issue

I’m sorry if this is a bit too technical and possibly not of interest to the normal user, but I think that by also addressing this issue eM Client can stand up with and well above the big boys.

Version 2.6 finally allows to automatically initiate a new message -with included attachement- when a “Send To email Recipient” action is initiated from windows explorer or from within a document.
eM Client also responds (but not entirely) when the Send action is initiated from within an Access database with the VBA syntax :
DoCmd.SendObject acReport, myDocument, , eMailAddresses, , , “Subject of message”, “Body of Message”, True

With Windows Mail, Outlook or Outlook Express, a properly built ‘eMailAddresses’ string -containing one or more actual email addresses- is automatically inserted in the “To” Field of the initiated message.
When invoked from within Access instead, eM Client initiates a new message and correctly fills Subject and Body from the corresponding strings and even pastes the attachment but unfortunately is not able to accept and slot the ‘eMailAddresses’ parameter into the “To” field. No error is generated but the “To” field remains blank.
(see image attached)

I only have praise for eM Client developers and I know that we are almost there…!!

To be a total replacement for the established MS messaging applications however, eM Client should be able to accept the entire parameters set and respond to standard programming languages statements.
Currently, from an Office automation point of view, a user wanting to convert from Microsoft email clients would be deterred if eM Client fails to provide the same level of automation he gets from Outlook or the other MS mail clients.

I hope this can be addressed quickly and with not too much effort by the brilliant eM Client Team.
Thank you very much

Hi, we’ll take a look on this as soon as possible.

Additonal Issue:
In addtion to incomplete parameters passing, when a “Send to Mail Recipient” from either windows explorer or from within a document or from a programming language is initiated, the new message is instantiated but does not pop up over all the other open windows.
This is inconvenient because the user then has to AltTab several times, or click on the Task Bar to be able to actually see, edit and finally send the newly created email.
I hope the developers can address this quickly, in addition to the paramenters issue.

The problem should be fixed in the following version:…